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David Fingerhut, Woodwind Repairs

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Woodwind Repairs in North London
I provide a comprehensive woodwind repair service. This means I am willing to undertake the smallest of jobs- anything from replacing a small piece of cork, a loose pad, a broken spring, or even giving a brand new instrument a touch of light adjustment and regulation. I often have to repair cracks, mend broken keys or remove dents - all manner of tasks that don’t necessarily require a complete overhaul - but when a customer’s instrument requires a complete overhaul I can provide a full range of services, including re-plating and re-soldering.
I repair the complete range of the woodwind family - so, clarinets (from Eb to bass clarinet and contrabass), flutes (right down to bass flute), piccolos, the whole saxophone family, oboes, cors anglais, bassoons (including contrabassoons), and other more esoteric instruments (e.g. ophicleides, taragatos).

There is nothing more damaging to a young musician’s progress than playing on an instrument that is faulty. If you're not altogether sure whether problems are due to the instrument or not, I'm always happy to look it over at no cost. If you've been told that the fault lies with the player, this is in fact not always the case. I will willingly give a second opinion by checking your instrument

Sometimes, customers express an interest in learning about repairing, and I have trained two people who are now woodwind repairers in their own right. I’m always happy for anyone to come and watch, while I explain what I’m doing and why.